Free Printable- Meal Planner

No matter how many electronic calendars and organizers I try, I always go back to good old-fashioned paper.  Whether it’s making lists, scheduling appointments, jotting down a quick note or meal planning.  There’s something about writing it all out that just resonates with me.  I feel like I can retain the information better and I like taking the time to carefully and neatly put pen to paper.

Since I was asked a lot for a copy of my Meal Planner I shared on Instagram, I decided to share a new version here that you can download.   I follow Weight Watchers and I have a space to total points for each meal however I created a second version for calorie counters.  If you don’t do either, that’s great too, just disregard that section.  Dowloadable Meal Planner- Weight Watchers

Download the Weight Watchers Meal Planner: The Mindful Maven Meal Planner

Download the Calories Meal Planner: The Mindful Maven Meal Planner- Calories


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I like to cook, clean, bake and am passionate about living a healthier and more beautiful life. Care to join me?

One thought on “Free Printable- Meal Planner

  1. I love your blogs, instagram photos and ideas.. I also am trying to live a healthier lifestyle. I live in south surrey and it’s nice to see items you have found that are healthy in Canada.


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