Morning Skincare Routine

Morning Skin Care Routine

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I’ve always been interested in learning new ways to care for my skin.  As a young girl, I would dig into my mom’s beauty arsenal and use her clay masks.  I was always the one at the sleepover organizing the spa portion of the evening.  I enjoy the ritual of prepping my skin for the day and spending some time pampering myself when it’s time to remove the day’s makeup, pollutants and oil at the end of the night.  I cannot go to bed with makeup on.  Can not.  I will do a post about my evening skincare routine soon.  That’s a long one.  The three most beneficial things you can do for your skin, is eating a healthy diet, drinking lots of water and thoroughly removing your makeup before going to sleep. I have oily/normal skin with texture issues and the odd blemish.  Here is what I do every morning to help wake myself up and prep my skin for makeup and what lies ahead for the day.

First up: I drink a huge glass of water while I wait for the shower to warm up.

Drinking Glass of WaterWe all know the that water has on our skin and overall health but it’s said that drinking a glass of water before taking a shower also helps to lower blood pressure.

philosophy facial cleanser and clarisonic facial brush

I wash my face in the shower using the Purity by Philosophy and my Clarisonic Mia2.  I use my Clarisonic everyday, with the Deep Pore brush head.  I have great results using mine and can feel the difference when I skip a day.  I’ve used the Purity Made Simple for years and this combo really makes my skin feel squeaky clean without feeling dry and tight. Don’t neglect your neck and decolletage, those areas have skin more similar to your face than the rest of your body.

Lush eau roma water toner clinique dramatically different gel

Immediately after my shower, I pat my face dry with a clean hand towel and spritz with my Lush Eau Roma Water. YUM! It is so refreshing and uplifting. Then I moisturize with Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel.  It works great under my foundation and doesn’t add to much moisture to my skin.

fresh sugar lip balm lush lip scrub

I should have photographed this scrub with the cleanser and clarisonic because this is the first thing I do before getting into the shower.  I apply a generous amount of the Bubblegum Lip Scrub from Lush. I work it in well and rinse off when I jump in the shower.  This is the least messy way to use it.  Now I apply my Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment and let that all sink in while I moisturize the rest of my body.

Lush Ocean Salt The Body Shop Moisturizer

I exfoliate in the shower about 2-3 times per week and my go-to scrub is the Ocean Salt Scrub from LUSH.  It smells so dreamy and I love how the salt disintegrates as it gets worked in.  I’ve been reaching for these two items from The Body Shop recently.  The Polnesian Monoli Radiance Oil mixed with the Spa Wisdom Africa (similar one here).  I’m not joking when I say it smells delicious.  It’s very luxurious and rich which is perfect for my legs since I’m shaving several times a week now that it’s dress season. I use it all over but a little goes a long way.SONY DSC

Last but not least, sunscreen! Can’t forget this essential step.  I love this Kiehl’s formula (as I’m sure you can see, it’s seen some stuff).  It’s been on holidays and to the beach and I almost need another new one. It’s non-greasy and sinks right into my skin. I don’t apply sunscreen to the rest of my body on a daily basis but I do apply just a touch to the backs of my hands because I feel like they see the sun a LOT, doesn’t matter what you’re wearing.


What are your tried and true beauty products?

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  1. Your tip about applying the lip scrub pre-shower is GENIUS! It came off easily (duh) and made my lips tingle a bit when the heat from the water hit it. 🙂


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