Pre-Travel Checklist

In just a few short hours we’ll be boarding our plane in sunny LA and flying home to rainy Vancouver. It’s bittersweet to be wrapping up our holidays and I’ll miss our lazy afternoons at the beach and shopping on a random afternoon (what day is it? Who knows!) However, I’m looking forward to our bed, our kitchen and our routines. I am thankful I took extra time prepping the house to avoid returning to mayhem, over due bills and fruit fly haven.

Before You Leave To-Do List:

+Make your bed and tidy up. Arriving home to a clean and clutter free home takes the post-vacation edge off. Bonus points if you use fresh sheets

+Unplug hair tools.  Go double check.  Right now.

+Water all plants really well and move them out of direct sunlight. It will help them get the most mileage out of that watering. Don’t forget the outdoor planters.

+Pay any bills that will come due while you are away.

+Catch up on laundry, even items you won’t be needing for the trip.  You’re going to need them when you arrive home.

+Toss any cut flowers and rinse out the vase- those lovely blooms will be rotting corpses by the time you get back.

+Stash your cash.  Hide those valuables someplace safe and non-obvious.  This is a good rule to follow, especially if you’ll be gone for any length of time.

+Ask a neighbor or friend to take in your mail and newspaper or call and have the post office and paperboy put a hold on them so they don’t build up outside, getting damaged and broadcasting your absence.

+Run a final load of dishes so nothing dirty is sitting around all week creating colonies of bacteria.  Don’t run the cycle as you’re leaving the house (even new dishwashers run the risk of fires or leaks) make sure you time it so it’s complete before jetting. Hand wash any stragglers.

+Lock up. Make sure you walk around and double check the locks all the doors and windows, including those in the bathrooms, and in your basement or attic.

+Clean out the fridge and pantry of any produce or perishables that will go bad in your absence. Sure that cucumber looks good now but in 8 days it will be resembling a wet noodle.

+Turn out all the lights and make sure anything potentially dangerous (space heaters, Christmas tree lights) are also off. If you have one (and are a real trickster), you can also set a timer to have a few lights come on at night.

+Make sure your thermostat/heater (winter) or air conditioner (summer) is on very low to avoid extreme temperatures in your home which can damage plants, electronics, and perishables.

+ We travel with our pups but if Fido is staying behind, make sure you have his accommodations arranged with a boarding facility or family/friend. Have a booklet put together with any likes/dislikes, bad habits (a heads up about shoe chewers is always appreciated), allergies, daily routines, instructions for administering medications, feeding schedule, vet contact info etc.  Also depending on the accomodations, you may want to put together a care package with his favourite toy, bed, blanket, food dishes, enough food for his stay, and favourite treats.

+Take out the trash. This is best done right before you walk out the door with your suitcase, so you make sure to get rid of anything that might get (even more) gross or smelly.

Now sit back, relax and enjoy your trip.  Sadly, mine is coming to an end however I’m excited to get home and relax in my clean, inviting home.  Now who’s going to unpack for me?

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