Fall Foyer

Neutral Fall Foyer Table

Ahhh, my favourite time of year! Leaves falling, cozy sweaters and tall boots, warm coffee and crisp morning air.  I love everything about fall.  Especially that Halloween feeling. Do you know what I mean? I feel like Halloween just has it’s own nostalgic feeling.  I just want to curl up, watch Halloween and The Haunting  with the lights off and pretend we’re not home for Trick or Treaters.  JOKING! I love handing out candy.  But when the candy runs out, movie night begins! Until Christmas.  That’s when Christmas becomes my favourite time of year.  I play fast and loose with the word favourite.  That’s one thing you’ll realize about me.  I use favourite a LOT.  I guess it’s my way of describing something I really really like.  Also I’m prone to tangents.  This wasn’t supposed to be about Halloween at all.

Disclaimer: Okay, so I know it’s not technically Fall yet, you Fall Sticklers.  However, I thought I would share how I’ve decorated my entryway in case you’re looking for a little inspiration of your own.  I always appreciate when I can start gathering ideas for decorating, crafts or baking before I am too far in to that particular season or holiday.

Neutral Fall Foyer Decor - White Pumpkins


Basket of Cozy Blankets Fall Foyer Decor

Basket of cozy blankets handy for when we sit on the front porch at night.

Fall Table entry foyer - White Neutral Scheme


Making this wreath kept my late-night snacky hands busy.  I absolutely love how it turned out and am considering making a few more for around the house. I followed this tutorial and it turned out perfectly.


Neutral Fall Foyer Decor


This little Our Place photo lives on our entryway table.  It’s a photo I took of a sign my grandfather made for their lake front property a long time ago.

Neutral Fall Decor with Candle


A seasonal candle of course.  This one is from Bath & Body Works in Black Pepper Bergamot.  It smells DIVINE without being overpowering.

Neutral Fall Decor Pumpkins In Basket


Foyer Decor for Fall- Dog Leashes in basket


Leashes and harnesses are always hand for daily walks with the pups.  We keep an easy to grab house key and *ahem* doggy bags in the console drawers.

Neutral Fall Decor with cute puppy!


Banana wandered over and plopped down.  I didn’t have the heart to move her.  SONY DSC

Neutral Fall Decor with white pumpkins


Thank you for reading! What do you like best about Fall?

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5 thoughts on “Fall Foyer

  1. Glad to see you back at the blogging thing! I’ve been like you off and on for years. I thought I’d check in on you! I so love decorating and all things Fall. Your entry way is delightful and so spacious! I can’t want to transition my fireplace mantel (well, I’ve already added some small white pumpkins) and add more and more touches as the days go on! Fall is always a very busy time for me, but all enjoyable! Keep up the blog, most of us love to have some great and inspiring reading while eating lunch! 🙂


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