Good morning! Merry Christmas week! I thought it might be fun to start doing these weekend update posts, so please let me know what you think.  Should I keep doing them? Are they interesting? I like the idea of them since it gives you a bit of an update on life, throw in a tip or trick that doesn’t necessitate a whole blog post, maybe a quick recipe or something, all depending on where the weekend takes me.

I’ve been feeling my straight hair lately.  I busted out the flat iron and omg I forgot how smooooooth my hair feels when I actually straighten it.  Saturday started out like it usually does…chores.  Laundry on laundry.  I strip the bed every week and as I do so, Jackson makes himself at home on the blankets tossed to the floor.  Even his trusty side kick made himself comfy.  I almost don’t have the heart to move him.  Almost.

Since this is the last weekend before Christmas, as well as the last weekend G and I have before we part ways for Christmas (G’s travel schedule for work is terrible this year) we made the most of our annual brunch.  There are few things I love more than a good brunch (I mean, who doesn’t).  We sat a while and devoured every moment, laugh, and extra long swig of coffee we could.

Oh and the meal also.  We devoured that too.  Eggs Benedict (minus bacon) for me please.

eggs benedict

The remainder of Saturday was spent Christmas shopping, furniture shopping, and cleaning.  Oh, but I did pick up these leggings form Lululemon.  They’re the Align Pant || (Link: Best Leggings Ever ) and they’re now my favourite article of clothing I own. They are buttery and soft, yet tight enough to hold everything tight and secure.

I purchased in black.

Saturday evenings are usually movie night and G found a new series on Netflix which is being compared to Stranger Things (SO GOOD) and we knew we were in for a TV binge night.  I’m now writing this Sunday evening and we’re done the season.  Needless to say, if you liked Stranger Things, check out The OA.  You won’t be disappointed.

Sunday mornings are lazing around and going back for a second (or third) cup of coffee. I did make myself somewhat useful and started to sort which items I’d be packing for my flight home for Christmas.  Let’s see, I’ve got my warmest set of pajamas, wool socks,  the largest scarves I own, fleece lined leggings, sweaters, and toques.  According to my mom earlier today, they’ve had -25 (celsius) for for the last two weeks now…..I’d better grab another pair of wool socks…or two.

I almost forgot! Can’t have Christmas without an ugly sweater.  Although secretly, I think it’s adorable.  Lol.


Banana is not a fan, but she refuses to wear the snow boots I purchased for her.  I think she just likes all the attention and cuddles she gets whens she runs inside the house with paws and a face full of powdery snow.

Long snowy walk, Starbucks, and a Christmas book makes for a great Sunday afternoon.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

I try to reserve Sunday evenings for a “Spa night” and do a face mask, paint my nails, take ridiculous “kissy face” photos, you know… the usual stuff.

Using a steamer with your mask will intensify the results.  I don’t recommend using the facial steamer with product that heat up on your face (some masks will turn your skin bright red temporarily which are some of my favourite masks, but I wouldn’t use with a steamer).  I used the Clinique City Block Purifying Mask and the steam lets the product really dig deep into your pores.  It also allows the mask to continue working for a longer period since it doesn’t dry until after you step away from the steam.

I always follow a steam with a good oil and moisturizer.  I love this Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate and just cracked open a new bottle tonight.  The lavender scent is perfect for relaxation and my skin always looks plump and hydrated in the morning.


We’re gearing up for the busy week ahead now, with travel, Christmas, and work.  I hope you liked this post, if you did, please let me know, and I’ll make this a regular occurrence.  Hope everyone has a great week!

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  1. Hi Jayme, YESSSSS!! Keep it going because I ❤ it!! Love the product info and all the extra adorable cuteness!! Happy Holidays to you and G and safe travels for you both!!! 😉🎄


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