My New Year’s Resolutions and How To Create Your Own (And Be Successful) in 5 Steps

writing goals in journal with coffee and croissant

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Hello! I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas holiday.  I hope it was filled with friends, family, good food,  lots of laughter and warm embraces.  As 2017 approaches, I’m pleased to reflect back on 2016 and remember the highlights, struggles, triumphs and losses. The best part about a New Year is the chance to start fresh.   A new chapter, focus, and direction.  I can’t help but think back at my resolutions of years past.  Unfulfilled, collecting dust, abandoned after just a few short months…or weeks.  In an attempt to avoid a similar result next year, I decided to grab a coffee, snuggle into a comfy corner of my house and research all I could about goal setting.  I’m so excited to welcome the New Year in just a few short days and so I decided to take some time to consider what I want 2017 to look like.  I’m talking everything from relationships, home maintenance, health and fitness, family life, work, and travel.

Here’s why I like to make New Year’s resolutions and why I think you should too.  We all have desires to be better.  Whatever your goals are, you need some sort of action to achieve them.  You will never save any money if you keep spending it.  You will never learn a new language without practice and repetition.  You are your own worst enemy; you are the only one standing in the way of your goals and successes.  Goals aren’t achieved overnight.  You need to work and that’s okay.  Why shouldn’t you be happy with your life? Of course you should and quite frankly, whether you’re reading this before New Years, or in the middle of July, you should make goals and you deserve to achieve them.  Anyone who tells you that you shouldn’t make goals to better yourself and become happier, is probably not the best person to be taking advice from.  So grab yourself a coffee or tea and a notebook; here’s what we’re going to do:

writing goals in journal with coffee and croissant

#1- Write

Yes, this is probably an obvious step, but I mean this literally.  Write them down. By physically writing your goals, you become the creator of them.  The act of writing them down will make them real.  Also have them written where you can see them everyday.

#2- Commit

Again, in writing.  Write a brief (or lengthy) paragraph about how and why you’re committed to making each goal.  Be very clear about your intentions.  Why is each goal important to you?  What does each goal mean to you?

#3- Visualize

Take a few moments (you can write it down if you wish) and really think about what it will look like to be working towards each goal.  Will it need action everyday? Several times a day? What changes have to take place?  What will you need to know or learn? What will you need to prepare each day for the next to be successful?

#4- Plan

Alright, so we’ve written out our goals, committed to them, visualized what it will look like, now we need to make a clear game plan.  It’s okay if you don’t know all the steps right now.  You just need to know enough to have a clear idea of where to start.  Know where and how to start, the rest will fall into place as you go.  Having goals without a plan of action is extremely risky.  There’s too much going on and being unprepared is one of the main reasons for failure.  Eventually you’ll become frustrated/overwhelmed and your goals will collapse.  I plan to schedule as much as I can right into my planner.

#5- Accountability

Share your goals with someone who will encourage you to keep going when you need it the most.  Some days will be easier than others and you need someone in your corner to remind you that you can do this.  A friend, family member, a friend online, coach, mentor etc.  Someone you trust with this responsibility.  In addition, be sure to post your goals summary somewhere you can view it each day.  A reminder of your focus and commitment.  Habits aren’t made overnight and it takes consistent work for these new routines/activities to become second nature.


Here are my official 2017 Goals:

  • Become healthier- continue to learn more about nutrition
  • Exercise 5 times per week-try yoga at least 5 times before deciding if I like it or not
  • Start a family
  • Eliminate (most) harmful chemicals from household cleaning supplies
  • Walk the dogs everyday or longer playtime inside if too cold/hot outside
  • Reserve more time to work on blog
  • Try 1 new healthy food every week
  • Learn Clair de Lune on piano
  • Unplug from phone after 8pm for more uninterrupted family time

Phew, my step #1 is done!  I really encourage you to set goals for yourself, your family etc. to make your life happier/better.  They can be anything you want.  Whatever makes you happy.  Go for it and let’s have the best year yet!
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4 thoughts on “My New Year’s Resolutions and How To Create Your Own (And Be Successful) in 5 Steps

  1. I know what I will be doing sometime this weekend (plus I’ll be doing my post on Monday)! 😉 My resolutions have been swirling in my head for a while now and of course, the first one is just like yours, to continue my healthy path! I wish you all the best in achieving your goals especially the one about starting a family, that is HUGE girl!! Keep up the great work and Happy New Year!! 🙂 ❤

    ~ Rieka {}


  2. How exciting that this is the year to start a family! You’ll be a wonderful mother, Jayme. I love playing Clair de Lune on the piano….but only page one. Haha! I better add that to my list of goals too.


  3. I love all of these goals, and I love the way you wrote out how to make some good resolutions. I’ll be taking this advice as I sit tonight and work on mine. I personally love the start a family resolution the most. My heart could just burst for you. Exciting!!


  4. I love your resolutions! They actually mirror mine quite a bit…we’ve been trying to expand our family for 3.5 years now with no luck, but I would love another child! We may add another dog this year though (we have two right now!). I’ve dabbled a tiny bit in yoga, but keep meaning to really give it a try. I would love to learn to play piano – I took lessons as a child, but have forgotten everything since then. 🙂 I overhauled our household cleaning supplies to cruelty-free and less chemicals a few years ago and am so glad I did. We use Mrs. Meyer’s, Better Life, Jason’s (and Kiss My Face, Primal Pit Paste, etc. for some of our hygiene supplies).


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