Morning Skin Care Routine – Natural Products Edition

One of the questions I get asked about a lot is all about skin care.  I’m going to lay it all down.  I have struggled with my skin since I was 13 years old.  Battling breakouts well beyond the high school years had me wondering if I’d be wrestling with wrinkles in addition to slaying spots.

I still remember feeling so hopeless in high school, scouring the beauty department with hopes that the next product would be the answer to my acne anxiety.  If you remember me talking about my mom (who has always had a beautifully poreless complexion) in the past, you know she’s always been super into health and natural cleaning, living etc.  So, you can imagine her dismay when I begged her for the newest Clean & Clear face wash.  I mean, did you see those commercials? Those gorgeous models in the commercials had perfect skin! It must work.  Not to mention their sunny disposition so early in the morning, I mean, they smiled as they effortlessly splashed water on their face, without a drop out of place.  All thanks to the product, I assumed.   This has to be better than my Tea Tree soap, right? Well, after trying many natural options from the health food store, my mom finally broke down and let me try the one product I was convinced would change my life.

Well, it didn’t.  But for some reason, I thought that if this product didn’t work, nothing else would.  I started trying to cover up the problem instead.  Plus, I loved using a product that a lot of my friends were using, not “weird” products from the natural food store.  I never looked back on natural skin care products, because I assumed they didn’t work.  Until pretty recently and I could not be happier with the results.

You know, I have to give the IG world credit for pulling me back into the natural product world.  Influencers crediting new brands for their smooth skin had me curious.  Little by little, I started adding in new products here and there.  A motivating factor for me to finally switch my whole routine over to natural was us getting more serious about planning to start a family.  In January, I researched which ingredients should be avoided during pregnancy.  It isn’t a long list, but at least one of the ingredients on the list seemed to be in every product I was using.  As I finished using up those items, I replaced them with natural options.  Some were flops, but all of the products I’m using now, are definite wins! My skin has never been clearer! Not to mention, most of these products are less expensive than the pricey ones I was buying from Sephora for so long.  Let’s jump into it!


I can’t choose between the two.  They’re both great, and I usually use the Derma-E cleanser in the AM and the Naturopathica in the PM if I’m washing my face at the sink rather than in the shower.  I’ll do an updated PM skincare routine soon but honestly, my AM routine does all the heavy lifting.   I have oily/normal skin, however, I also got my friend hooked on the Derma-E cleanser and she has drier skin.  She said it doesn’t dry her out at all.  I’ve pretty much squeezed all I can out of the charcoal cleanser and I repurchased another one yesterday.


To be honest, I’ve never really found that a certain toner made a huge difference one way or another.  I like this one from Avalon Organics that I’m using now, however, I’ve used this one from Thayes and this one from Viva and love them all.

Hyaluronic Acid

If you’re not familiar with Hyaluronic Acid, you need to listen up.  It’s an anti-aging marvel.  It works to keep skin hydrated, renewed, and safe from environmental assault.  As we age, our skin becomes less able to retain water and moisture resulting in loss of firmness, fine lines, and wrinkles.  Hyaluronic Acid instantly plumps the skin, reducing creating a soft, smooth canvas.  This one from Viva Health is the only one I’ve tried personally, but I love it so much I’m not ready to try another brand.  Also, always layer this under anything oil based, and especially your moisturizer.


Yes, I use a facial oil every day on my oily skin.  Actually, I’ve found I’ve become less oily as the day goes on, than before I started using this.  Oily skin needs moisture too!  Stripping skin of oil will almost always result in your glands working overtime to compensate for lack of moisture.  Hello, oily skin! I love this one from CocoKind skincare.  I pat a few drops into my face and neck.  I apply this immediately after the Hylauronic Acid when my skin is still a little damp which helps the oils to emulisfy and penetrate your skin, rather than sit on top.


Post-facial oil application, I try to take a few minutes to roll my face and neck with this Jade facial roller.  I only do this about 2-3 times a week because most of the time I’m rushing to get downstairs for work.  The jade is cool and feels so great on warm summer mornings.  Experts say to keep it in the fridge, but that’s unrealistic for me and I’ll never use it if it’s not accessible.  Jade rolling is said to improve skin elasticity, de-puff skin, and help product absorb.  I can’t say that this tool has specifically improved my skin, but the overall routine is working well for me.


I almost didn’t try this one, because the reviews had me worried I’d be walking around with a white mask on my face from the zinc.  So many complaints about it not absorbing well, leaving a film-like mask after application.  This was sort of the case the first time I tried it, BUT when I apply it over the facial oil, it absorbs right in! This may or may not be the trick, but I have zero problems with a mime-inspired look.  Don’t forget your neck, especially with SPF protection.  In fact, don’t neglect your decollete while you’re at it.  I’ve repurchased this several times now and love it.


I’ll admit one of my favourite skin care steps is exfoliating.  It’s just so satisfying!   You may not think this fine powder exfoliator from CocoKind has the power to give you smooth results.  It took me a few tries to really fall in love with it.  I always went for the rough, strong, and gritty types of exfoliators in the past, which would always get the job done.  But now that I’ve used this whole bottle (just about, and I’ve already repurchased another), I can say this simple, and gentle polisher gives me BETTER results.  I keep this in the shower and use it every second day.  I sprinkle a nickel-sized amount in the palm of my hand, with the other hand, I scoop a little water and let a few drops drip onto the powder.  Mix into a gel texture, adding a few drops more water if needed.  It doesn’t take much before it’s too runny!  I’m talking literal drops of water.  Massage all over face and neck for a few minutes.  Rinse away to smoooooth skin!

If you’re still here, thank you for reading all that! Please let me know if I forgot to cover anything!

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*Not sponsored.  All products were purchased with my own money.  All opinions are my own.

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3 thoughts on “Morning Skin Care Routine – Natural Products Edition

  1. I love to use natural products in my skincare routine and these all brand seem good to try out. I will definitely use them in my skincare routine. Thanks for sharing.


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