How We Found Out & First Trimester Recap

I’m writing this first section from our hotel room in California in July.  I’m watching Bridget Jones’s Baby on the ipad (I’ve been watching every baby-related movie I can find on Netflix lately).  The pups are snoozing and snoring next to me and I could not be happier at this moment.

It was exactly one week ago yesterday that I first saw the double line on that little test but it was super faint (it was a strip hCG test, and not very sensitive).  In the days leading up to test day, I could hardly wait.  It didn’t help that I had G asking me to test approximately 195 times a day.  I love that he was just as excited as I was, but I didn’t need the extra temptation.  I kept myself sane (lol sort of) by reading forums about early early pregnancy symptoms during the 2 weeks waiting.  I had basically none of them, except larger, sort of sore breasts, cramping, emotional, and bloating…which are all PMS symptoms for me.  The only difference I did notice in myself was that I’d wake up at 4:30 on the nose every morning….AND I’d be STARVING.  Like, had to bring a snack to bed with me each night so I could chow down as soon as I woke up, starving.  My snack of choice was Perfect Bars, and I’d have 1/4 or so.  G convinced me I was waking up because I had a lot on my mind and the excitement etc.  I agreed with him, trying to not get too attached to the possibility that this would be the time.

Okay, it’s finally testing day!  Funny thing is, I’ve daydreamed about this moment many times.  It goes like this:  I wake up to sunshine beaming through our windows, birds are singing outside, my hair looks perfectly shiny, not a strand out of place.  I gracefully jump out of bed,  twirl into the bathroom to take the test and watch the clock as it counts down the minutes until I can look at the result.  It’s time.  I look, I am shocked and shaking with happiness.  I run into the bedroom to wake up G with tears in my eyes to tell him the amazing news.  He jumps up and spins me around in the most romantic, slow-motion embrace.  Pretty sure there’s background music.  It’s REALLY good. 

How it actually went:  Woke up at 4:30am to a growling stomach, I guess it was sunny.  Ate a bite of my Perfect Bar from my nightstand.  Roll over to G, wide awake and looking at me “hi, can you go test please?” (LOL).  Okay, stumble in the bathroom, take the test.  Wait for 3 minutes and look at the strip.  It’s one of those thin, hCG strip tests, and I took 2 at once actually.  Time’s up! I am nervous to look, half of me was expecting 2 lines, half of me thought it was never going to happen.  I take a peek and…..HUH, well, I see one line for sure (the control line), but the other line is….sort of there? If I hold it in the right light, I guess. 


Then G calls from the bedroom “What’s up? Everything okay?” I go in and show him.  He can’t see the second lines at all at first, so we start googling images and comparing.  For like 45 mins.  I know that a line is a line, and so I’m explaining that to him.  He’s like…”so you’re pregnant?”  Me: “I….think so…?”  We were both confused, but hesitantly happy, as we both needed to see the digital “PREGNANT”  to be convinced at this point.  Then we decided to just get digital tests and try again the next day.  OH, and the best part was I was cleaning up in the bathroom, I went to dump my….”sample” from the container into the toilet.  Except I flung the toilet lid up so hard it bounced back, knocking the full yellow fluid container out of my hand,  spilling the liquid everywhere.  All I could do was laugh (hysterically, because emotional) and I could hear G coming towards the bathroom so I had to yell at him not to come in…because ewwww and he didn’t need to see that.    

And the next day I opted for the FRER tests as I’ve heard they’re most sensitive.  Two lines, one really faint again, however, I tested in the afternoon.

And the next day, the day we left for California and there’s no mistaking this result! It still doesn’t feel real at this point.

So finding out was not the fairytale moment I was envisioning, but I wouldn’t change a thing.  I clearly watched way too many videos on YouTube/movies.  We couldn’t be happier, and this is REAL LIFE! As I write this, exactly 5 weeks along, but it still doesn’t feel real.  I booked my first Dr. appointment for the day after we get home from California and I can hardly wait!

First Trimester Recap:

Okay, this is already super long, so instead of continuing with a wall of text, I thought I’d answer some questions I received regarding the first trimester.

Q: Congratulations!  How did you feel during the first trimester? Were you really sick?

A: Thank you so much!  I’m thankful that I didn’t literally get sick, but I was nauseous all day every day for about 6 weeks!  Also I had major food aversions to basically anything remotely healthy for me…which I felt super guilty about at the time. I was however SUPER tired all the time and insanely thirsty! I could not drink enough water, the thirst would never go away.  It’s fine now and I actually have to remind myself to keep up my water intake.

Q: Have you had any cravings?

A: All the carbs!I’ve had some random one-off cravings, but nothing ongoing thats specific.  Baked potato (had to be from Wendy’s), Tapioca (had to be mom’s recipe), coleslaw, and donuts, but I always crave those.  My favourite snack was apples with nut butter and granola.


Q: Any food or smell aversions?

A: Yes, food aversions was basically everything nutritious for me.  I felt amazing up until week 7ish.  I could eat all my healthy favourites and I actually WISHED I’d experience morning sickness.  I thought the pregnancy would feel more real if I felt symptoms of it.  Well, be careful what you wish for! Week 7 to 14 was….terrible.   I tried to make myself eat eggs with spinach….that was the closest I came to getting physically sick.  It just wouldn’t go down.  Smell aversions, oh my gosh.  YES! To everything, including the pups which killed me.  Jackson always has to be attached to me and thankfully he loves being under a blanket even when it’s 100 degrees outside so that helped. Other smells that made me feel sick: my clothes, my couch, cleaning supplies, my desk in the office, basically my whole world.

Q:  Have the dogs been acting differently? My dog was obsessed with my belly when I was pregnant.

A: That’s so cute!  I’ll say “sort of”  Jackson is always clingy with me so it’s hard to tell if it’s at all related to the pregnancy, but I have noticed that I’ll be cooking in the kitchen and he’ll be in the dining room, standing sort of on guard,  just watching me.  It sort of catches me off guard and I never have my phone nearby to take a pic. It’s pretty funny.

Banana could care less.  Lol.

Q: So happy! What about being a mom are you most excited about? Most scared about?

A: Thank you!  I’m most excited to have the whole experience, really.  I know my (our) whole world is going to change drastically, and I guess this would also be what I’m scared about.  I’m excited to see this little person grow and change.  I’m also scared that I’m responsible for said little person.  I have no clue what I’m doing at this point, haha.

Q:  Do you have any books or resources you’d recommend?

A: OMG yes, I love this question.  I’m reading: What to Expect When You’re Expecting (seems to know exactly what my questions are and has answers right there waiting), Bringing Up Bébé (just started it but love it already), The Mama Natural Week By Week To Pregnancy & Childbirth (good if you’re into the more natural side of pregnancy), Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth (Also just started this).  But my favourite thing is a podcast called The Birth Hour.  It’s women sharing their unique birth stories, and it’s so addicting.  I listen to it when I’m gardening or walking.



Q: Are you guys going to find out if it’s a boy or girl?

A: YES! We had our anatomy scan yesterday.  The technician said we could call our doctor for the results in a few days.  I initially felt “boy” but a lot of theories (skull theory, chinese gender predictor) all point to girl.

Q: Have you started taking prenatal vitamins?

A: Yes, I actually started taking them about 2 years ago just to be prepared (we’ve been planning/putting this off for a while now).  I take the MegaFood Baby & Me (original) plus Nordic Naturals DHA, Vitamin D, and a probiotic.  *Please note I’m not a doctor, this is just what I decided was best for me based on research. *


Q: Do you have any tips for sleeping? I’m almost 17 weeks and I’m up all night in the washroom and can’t get back to sleep.  Also, I have the craziest dreams! 

A:  Congratulations!   We’re so close in our pregnancies!  Okay, so I can totally relate to the middle of the night bathroom sessions, as most moms-to-be I’m sure.  I really have no trouble falling right back to sleep as soon as my head hits the pillow, I’m sorry I don’t have more evidence-based advice.  But, I do have a pretty relaxing wind-down routine before bed.  Relaxing shower, lotion, meditation, snack, and Calm magnesium drink.  Also, my hips have been KILLING me.  I flip between my left and right side all night and if I don’t have 2 thick pillows stacked between my knees to ankles, I’d be in agony.  I refuse to get a pregnancy pillow because it’s just another thing to store in the house, etc.  But I don’t think it’d be thick enough anyway.  I have 2 body pillows stacked and it looks so ridiculous but it’s the only thing that works.  Lol.

As for vivid dreams?? Girl YES!  The weirdest one I had was…I was on a trip with my sister and mom.  Then somehow the rest of my family including G and the dogs appeared there and we were all on a trip in this small quaint town.  All of the sudden something like “The Purge” broke out and there were people shooting at us.  We made our way to a cafe where others were hiding.  But they found us there and it was like a crazy slasher movie scene.  Eventually, we met up with the gang from Full House (original series) and found ourselves in the middle of a field thinking it was all over.  But then we were surrounded again.  We fought off everyone and was a happy ending.  I then asked Danny Tanner if I could pick out an outfit for Michelle…..He said “no” and I woke up.  Lol.

Comparison of when we found out to end of first trimester (It’s still just bloat at this stage):

Final Thoughts – Thank you so much if you’ve stuck around and read all of this!  I’m SO happy to be solidly in the second trimester now.  Those first 2 months after getting the positive result were stressful.  I was googling every little thing.  Poor G took in all of my crazy and was such a reassurance that everything was fine.  We had so much fun telling all our family, friends, and my insta fam!  I actually unexpectedly got the chance to tell my mom in person, which was a total surprise.  She called me one day to say she was planning on coming to see me.  She and my dad live 9 hours away, so I had assumed I’d be celebrating with them over the phone.  It’s funny how things work out.  It almost killed me to make myself wait but I’m so glad I did.  G and I aren’t much for big announcements or formal gender reveal parties etc. but getting to tell family and friends in person was the highlight for us.

Thank you so much for sticking around here and reading all of that!

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