What I Eat In A Day – Pregnancy Edition

I can’t believe I’m 2 days away from my due date. When did that happen? This pregnancy has flown right on by, and I’m still feeling pretty good, although I’m SO excited to meet her! We’re savouring the last few days with it just being the two of us and the pups. It’s been the 4 of us for the last 10 years so this will be a huge adjustment for all of us.

I get asked a lot of questions about what I eat during pregnancy and I’m terribly inconsistent with IG stories because I get busy during the day so I thought a blog post would be more helpful for anyone wanting to see what a typical day of food looks like. Obviously, every day is different and if I’m being honest, I probably make better choices when I know I’ll be documenting my food. I tried to be as real as possible, and I think this is a pretty good representation for how I’ve been eating the last few months. The first trimester was a food nightmare. Nothing sounded good until everything sounded good, as long as it wasn’t a vegetable. Or eggs. Or most healthy protein … it was a struggle!


2 Free Range eggs cooked with a little butter with avo toast topped with pink salt and pepper. This has been my go-to once I could eat eggs and avocado again. So quick to make this in the morning, it takes me 5 mins.

First Snack

Organic 2% plain yogurt, 3 dates, raspberries and Purely Elizabeth Grain Free Granola. I’ve loved this combo forever and adding dates in the last few weeks has helped me get to 6 dates a day in different ways.


Veggie Lentil Soup. I seriously love this soup so much. I have the recipe saved on this instagram post.

Veggie Taco Salad for second lunch. Mixed greens, chopped red pepper, cucumber, tomato, red onion, black beans, mozza cheese, corn, Ranch Siete chips, and Salsa Ranch dressing from Bolthouse.

Second Snack

Super thick smoothie for second snack. I love a good smoothie because it’s a great way to get a bunch of nutrients in quickly.

  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 frozen banana
  • Handful of spinach
  • 1 cup frozen mixed berries
  • Sprinkle of ground flax seed
  • 1 scoop collagen peptides
  • Sprinkle of Hemp Hearts
  • Few frozen avocado chunks

I love making different flavours with pineapple and mango, or chocolate peanut butter. I don’t add greens to the chocolate peanut butter ones though.


Chicken & Veggie stir fry over jasmine rice. Another favourite meal that comes together sort of quickly. Chopping the veggies is the most tedious part but I do it while the chicken browns so it doesn’t really take that much time. I add fresh ginger, soy sauce, and sautee in toasted sesame oil. Topped with sriracha and green onion if I have it.


There was about 2/3 left in this container and I was going to just have a few spoonfuls. I ate it all. No regrets!

Dates because they say 6 dates a day will help with labour and I’m not above trying everything to possibly make delivery easier.

Last thing at night is my Red Raspberry Leaf tea concoction with 1 tsp of Calm Magnesium. Again, I have no clue if RRLT will help tone my uterus for labour but it doesn’t hurt to try. I find when I skip the magnesium my legs start to get a little crampy and restless.

Last but not least …Water!

Besides my nightly tea, I pretty much only drink water. My daily goal is 138oz and I use the app Drink Water Reminder to track the ounces consumed and it sends me reminder notifications on my phone or Apple watch to drink up.

I basically just try to eat the best I can. Some days that means take out and dessert, second dessert etc. Because I work from home, it’s easy for me to cook meals most days and when a craving hits, I have to leave the house and drive to get donuts. Which happens. Often.

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