Fall Foyer

Neutral Fall Foyer Table

Ahhh, my favourite time of year! Leaves falling, cozy sweaters and tall boots, warm coffee and crisp morning air.  I love everything about fall.  Especially that Halloween feeling. Do you know what I mean? I feel like Halloween just has it’s own nostalgic feeling.  I just want to curl up, watch Halloween and The Haunting  […]

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Pre-Travel Checklist

In just a few short hours we’ll be boarding our plane in sunny LA and flying home to rainy Vancouver. It’s bittersweet to be wrapping up our holidays and I’ll miss our lazy afternoons at the beach and shopping on a random afternoon (what day is it? Who knows!) However, I’m looking forward to our bed, […]

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Sweet Summer Berry Crisp

Sweet Summer Berry Crisp Recipe

Blueberry crisp is like a big bowl of nostalgia for me.   Growing up, my mom made sure we were eating the healthiest foods at every meal.  That included dessert.  I loved helping her make this because it was simple, fast, and delicious.  We mostly made this with strictly blueberries but I LOVE the mixture […]

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Short Flight Carry-On Essentials

Let me start off by stating that I’m not a light packer.  Never have been, never will be. I brought 3 full size suitcases with me to NYC last year, WHICH, I’ll never do again and also, what was I thinking? We barely fit in the room after wheeling our 4 suitcases, 2 dog carriers, […]

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Cool, refreshing, nutritious and delicious.  The citrus provides a tart tone, berries add a sugary sweetness and the basil doles out a pinch of piquant.  Flavor combinations are endless and I was inspired by my most recent trip to the Farmer’s Market for the Basil-Berry, and Citrus-Berry pairings. Makes: 4 Popsicles What You’ll Need: Juice […]

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Presto Pesto

Pesto is one of those foods I told myself “it wasn’t worth making at home.” It was just so easy to buy the little jar and it lasts forever (or rather; used once and never to be seen again until it’s eventually recovered from the recesses of the fridge during a clean out). Rinse and repeat.  Who […]

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Morning Skincare Routine

Morning Skin Care Routine

I’ve always been interested in learning new ways to care for my skin.  As a young girl, I would dig into my mom’s beauty arsenal and use her clay masks.  I was always the one at the sleepover organizing the spa portion of the evening.  I enjoy the ritual of prepping my skin for the […]

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