13 Fall Comfort Slow Cooker Recipes

Delicious, Easy, Healthy.  My perfect meal in 3 words.  Especially tucking in with a warm bowl that’s just waiting for us after a long day of work or chilly afternoon of fall clean up in the yard.  The slow cooker becomes my best friend through the autumn and winter months, as I know it is […]

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Easy Sweet Potato Toast

A few questions rolled through my mind the first time I heard about sweet potato toast.  What? I put this right in my toaster? Are you sure? Is this going to burn my house down? You’re sure I don’t cook it first? Will it be cooked all the way through? Okay but we’re absolutely sure […]

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Chocolate Peppermint Crinkles and Favourite Christmas Songs 

crinkle cookies

The Christmas Countdown is on guys.  I’m flying to my hometown to spend Christmas with my family this morning.  G and the pups are unfortunately staying here (G’s work travel schedule is crazy).  Even though I spent all day yesterday running around, scheduling my day down to the last minute, I knew I wanted to […]

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Sweet Summer Berry Crisp

Sweet Summer Berry Crisp Recipe

Blueberry crisp is like a big bowl of nostalgia for me.   Growing up, my mom made sure we were eating the healthiest foods at every meal.  That included dessert.  I loved helping her make this because it was simple, fast, and delicious.  We mostly made this with strictly blueberries but I LOVE the mixture […]

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Cool, refreshing, nutritious and delicious.  The citrus provides a tart tone, berries add a sugary sweetness and the basil doles out a pinch of piquant.  Flavor combinations are endless and I was inspired by my most recent trip to the Farmer’s Market for the Basil-Berry, and Citrus-Berry pairings. Makes: 4 Popsicles What You’ll Need: Juice […]

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