How We Found Out & First Trimester Recap

I’m writing this first section from our hotel room in California in July.  I’m watching Bridget Jones’s Baby on the ipad (I’ve been watching every baby-related movie I can find on Netflix lately).  The pups are snoozing and snoring next to me and I could not be happier at this moment. It was exactly one […]

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My New Year’s Resolutions and How To Create Your Own (And Be Successful) in 5 Steps

writing goals in journal with coffee and croissant

Hello! I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas holiday.  I hope it was filled with friends, family, good food,  lots of laughter and warm embraces.  As 2017 approaches, I’m pleased to reflect back on 2016 and remember the highlights, struggles, triumphs and losses. The best part about a New Year is the chance to start fresh.   A […]

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Good morning! Merry Christmas week! I thought it might be fun to start doing these weekend update posts, so please let me know what you think.  Should I keep doing them? Are they interesting? I like the idea of them since it gives you a bit of an update on life, throw in a tip […]

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